Where can I research flood maps / areas?

Greene County Local Info is the most user-friendly map view of FEMA flood maps. It’s also a great resource for earthquake, tornado, and other natural hazards.

You can view Greene County mapping of FEMA’s Flood Plain Maps These are more user-friendly but not the official maps.

The official FEMA address-based search is available at the FEMA Map Service Center, where you can create a “FIRMette”.

However, FEMA maps aren’t the only flooding hazard resource. The City of Tulsa (and possibly surrounding municipalities) has its own requirements regarding flooding.

If you’re concerned about a property in Greene County, you may Harrah Realty to request a free Flood Information for any property you’re interested in. You’ll need to provide them your information (so they can deliver the report) and the subject property’s street address and legal description.