How does the MLS help buyers?

Here are several benefits of searching for homes in the MLS:

  • The most accurate information
    • Third party websites prefer quantity over quality and therefore don’t have the most accurate inventory.
  • Most up-to-date information
    • New listings and price changes get entered into the MLS first and then third party websites get the information after a delay. Then it can take some time for the public-facing information to reflect these updates.
  • Seller-paid buyer’s agent
    • The amount may be the same, more, or less than your service agreement, but in order to be listed in the MLS, the seller must offer compensation to the buyer’s broker.
  • Reliable information and pictures
    • Often helpful in deciding to not visit
  • One place with thousands of listings
    • It’s more convenient for you to search one site than half a dozen
  • Residential Property Condition Disclosure
    • Often immediately available to your REALTOR®.
  • More realistic asking prices
    • Listing agents, like everyone else, don’t want their time wasted so they’ll often not agree to list a considerably-overpriced property, plus they provide comparable sales information so Sellers can make an informed asking price decision.
  • Each party is represented by their own broker/agent.
    • Transactions go more smoothly with one or more agents involved, staying organized, legal, and in good communication.