Assuming you’ll be obtaining mortgage financing (i.e. not paying cash), here’s a list of steps to buy a house:

  1. Financing pre-approval (not just pre-qualification)
  2. Searching and visiting properties
  3. Submitting an offer(s) and getting a contract
  4. Finalizing loan paperwork and financing terms (rate lock)
  5. Inspections, appraisal, getting insurance quotes
  6. Requesting seller repairs (if necessary and if part of the contract) and re-inspecting after repairs are completed
  7. Preparing for closing day:
    1. Stay in communication with lender and REALTOR®
    2. Setup utility transfers (or do on the day of closing, after closed, if preferred)
  8. Closing (sign mortgage, title documents, etc.)
  9. Move in
  10. Change of address, register for school, etc.
  11. Invite people over (including your Realtor) for a housewarming party!